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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!! I BET THE MISSIONARIES THERE LOVE YOU!!!! I'm so proud of you guys, having lessons taught in your home and inviting neighbors to meet the missionaries! You guys are doing everything they talked about in Saturday's sessions of Conference! I know that as you continue you will see the great blessings that come from doing missionary work and you will fall in love with being part of that work. LOVE IT!
This week was so good! I feel like no matter what you are going through in life, conference always makes it better. There is always something talked about in conference that is specific for everyone's situation, whatever that situation is. Such a testimony to me that our Father in Heaven is aware of each of us individually. I love hearing from special witnesses of Christ and His restored gospel. It always gives me the extra nudge to push forward and continue.
It has been a good week of missionary work! The Padilla family has been looking like we were going to have to drop them. But my stubborn companion who doesn't like accepting reality didn't want to drop them so we decided to give them another week. And I am so grateful she is stubborn! We had a fantastic lesson with them last night. We had a member in the ward, Bro. Rice, who is fluent in spanish, RM, and assistant ward mission leader come with us. It was fantastic! The Padillas have never been that involved in our lessons before! I think it was really great for Lazero and Eric to have a male there to relate to them. Lazero is 25 and Eric is 30. They don't want to hear about chastity and the word of wisdom and stuff from a 21 and 19 year old. So it was great to have Bro. Rice there who is their age explain things to them and to be an example. It went really well! We aren't giving up on the Padillas!!!
Rachael is doing good! We're not sure if she was able to watch conference or not, but we really hope she did! We know there were things in it that she and her family needed to hear!
Linda is doing alright... There are some more serious problems going on than we thought and some of it she is causing. So we're not sure how things are going to pan out or what's going to happen, but we are praying things get figured out and she can apply the things we are teaching her.
This week has been really special for me. I have felt the Lord sustaining me. I have felt Him carrying me through this week. He has reassured me that this is where I am supposed to be and that I can do this. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. It's not just for forgiving sins, its for strengthening us. There was such a great talk about this this weekend! The Atonement brings personal strength and I have most definitely gained a testimony of that.
I miss you so much. Thank you for all of your encouragement and help through all of this. It really has made things better for me. I love you!

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