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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


WOWOWOWOW!!!! That is some crazy news about the family... Did not expect that...
Well I Hope Gma is having a good time down in OK with everyone! I miss them all so much! I hope you guys have a good time with the fam in Utah! I miss them so much too!!!!! I am so jealous you guys are getting to see them all! Tell them all hi for me!
Things here are good! It snowed pretty good last night and this morning, we have a few inches. But I think the sun's going to melt it all before the day's over.
I got a call on Tuesday morning last week from President. I'm training again. I seriously couldn't believe it. There are only 3 sisters coming in this transfer, so I thought for sure I would be off the hook. nope, lucky me. And He told me that I would be transferred from Massillon. So I'll be training in a new area where I know nothing about the ward, the members, the investigators, or my companion who knows nothing. It's going to be interesting. But I am excited. It should be fun!
Friday I had to go to the Trainer's meeting in Cleveland up at the mission home. That was fun to get to see Pres. and Sis. Vellinga for a little bit. They're so great!
Saturday night was the adult session of stake conference. SO GOOD! I was so excited about the topic that the first presidency chose - the work of salvation! It's a pretty great topic. Pres. Vellinga spoke and then he and Sis. Vellinga spoke Sunday too. It was great! Our stake president is really awesome, Pres. Talley. He is a very spiritual man and made some prophecies about the stake. It's a long story, but if you look back at church history this area, the Akron Stake, was very rich in church history. there were a lot of apostles that lived here and the prophet visited here often. And when the Lord scourged Kirtland, this area was cursed as well. Well Pres. Benson came and lifted the scourge a while ago and in the D&C it talks about how the wasteplaces of Zion would be built up. So Pres. Talley said that our stake was one of the wasteplaces of Zion and prophesied that our stake would see many new wards and branches be built in the next year. And he also talked about another Kirtland Temple being built. Elder Ballard was in Kirtland for their stake conference and talked with the priesthood leadership about that possibility! HOW EXCITING IS THAT?!?!?!!?!?!? We could be getting a new Temple in the future in Kirtland! Where the first temple in this latter-day dispensation was built! I am so flipping excited! I can't wait for you guys to come out and see Kirtland. It's awesome.
Then the closing hymn for conference was "God Be With You Till We Meet Again". I completely lost it. It was pretty bad. Pres. saw me and asked me about it after. I am having a really hard time leaving Massillon. It's become my home and family and I love the people here so much. And I have no idea where I'm going or what to expect. I'm super scared and anxious and nervous and alkdfjhieufhnejnflskfh. This has been a hard week. Saying goodbye sucks. BIG TIME. But I told them I would be back in July with you and dad, so that was good.
OH! Sis. O'D had a doctor's appointment here yesterday so she just SHOWED UP at our apartment!!! It was so good to see her! Especially since I don't know if I will get to see her tomorrow at transfers.  She's doing well and is liking her new area. That made me so happy to hear. I have missed her so much!  I can't remember anything else too exciting that has happened here lately....
Mom, you have to add Margie Colman Morrison on my facebook. She is seriously going to shoot me if you don't do it soon! She said she has been waiting for you to accept her friend request for months now. C'mon mom - got to get on this! haha! just joking - I love you! but seriously, add her. She has pictures of me that she wants to post for you. and there was a lady at stake conference that took a pic of the sisters, she had never seen them before, and wanted to send it to our moms, so she probably sent that to you yesterday. Don't know if you got it or not, I think I remembered your phone number... haha!
I don't really need anything right now. You can always send stuff to the mission office and they will send it to where I get transferred - 2070 west 117th street cleveland OH 44111. Just make sure you address it to Sister Rachel Chapman. But I will send you something when I get to my new area so you have the address. There is an elder chapman here and I would hate it if he got my awesome packages! haha! I'll have to send you a pic of he and I. We look NOTHING alike. He's a ginger... but he's awesome. he's one of the assistants.
But anyway... things are good!!
I love you and miss you all so much! Please tell everyone hi for me!
you're the best momma!

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