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Monday, February 10, 2014


Goodness, it sounds like it was a rough week for you guys. I'm so sorry to hear about Sarah. I hope things start getting figured out soon. Poor thing. I did hear about the game from the members... lame...
I love getting emails from Rex. He sounds like he's doing so great. I sent him this scripture reference that I know was put in the Book of Mormon for us - Alma 17:12-13 - you gotta read it!
I LOVED THE PACKAGE!!! I needed a blanket! So I'm glad you sent that too! everything was delightful! Thank you! You know what I like! haha! I'm so glad you heard from the Jensons! That's hilarious! I didn't even know they had our address! ha! They are some of the most incredible people. I love them! You should definitely send them something! They would LOVE that!
I can not believe that this month marks my year mark! It is crazy. It has flown by. I feel like the end of my mission is coming up so fast and it makes me sad! It's going to be weird not being a missionary, not wearing this badge is going to kill me! I love what I'm doing here and the things that I'm learning! I'm not ready for it to end! So I'm going to work super hard these next 5 months and get in everything that I can before the end!
Well our week has been a good one! We got a new investigator yesterday who accepted the invitation to be baptized! We were pretty stoked! It was great. it was the first time sis. Lemmon invited someone to be baptized, so she had a great time! We also got to go over and see the Flevers! Our favorite people! It was a ton of fun! They have 12 goats and tons of chickens and stuff so we got to go out and have fun with all of that last night. And Dane let me hold some of his guns. That was fun too! hahaha! Don't worry - I'm sending pictures!
So transfers - Sis. Lemmon is being sent away and I'm staying here. It's bittersweet. I wanted to leave and move to a new area, but I'm excited I get to continue working with our new investigator and stay with the Felvers and all the other awesome people here. So it should be great. I'm nervous about a new companion. I don't know how to do anything other than have a greenie, so this is going to be an adjustment. We'll see...
There hasn't really  been anything else that has been going on. It's been kind of slow with the ARCTIC FREEZING COLD WEATHER! supposedly we're supposed to get like 20 inches by the end of the week... We'll see if that actually happens.
Well you guys are all in my prayers! I miss and love all of you!
I'm sorry this one is short mom - I just don't have a lot to report this week. But I still love you!!!!!
Also I was wondering if for my birthday I could get a new watch? the one I have now busted - I'll send you a picture. I just want a nice one that is a fun color - like mint green. But classy. Talk to Emma, she'll know what I'm talking about. But that was something that I needed that I thought would be easy for a birthday present.

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