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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It has been another great week! Super busy! I think this has been the craziest, busiest, fastest transfer of my mission! I can't believe next week is already transfers! I only have 3 left after next week.... that is so weird and I'm not okay with it.
I LOVED GETTING PICS FROM REX THIS WEEK ABOUT HIS BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!! That kid is so studly! I balled looking at them! I think he is such a great example of what is possible when you live the gospel of Jesus Christ. He's such a great example to me. What an awesome family we have! We are pretty lucky...
this week we had some great lessons with Jim. He said he hasn't been drinking coffee since we had our word of wisdom lesson (which he wasn't too on board with) and that he hasn't had any struggles with it. He's right on track! We taught him the law of tithing and fasting/fast offerings and he took it so well!!!! He already had added up what his tithing would be for a year and divided it by 52 so he would know how much he needed to pay weekly. He's thinking about paying tithing before he gets baptized so he can see what kind of blessings he'll be getting. He said he's kind of worried, he's already so blessed and happy he doesn't know what will happen when he gets more! He's such a humble guy! I can't wait to see him get baptized! That is if President lets me stay here next transfer! Jim's baptism is the week after transfers, so I'm praying and doing a little bit of begging, that I get to stay.
This weekend was our stake conference and President and Sister Vellinga were there! We heard that in the priesthood leadership meeting he talked about those St. Marys sisters not having to tract all transfer because they're so busy with contacting and appointments. It was so awesome! I feel like I'm having the most success I've ever had on my mission. Sister Bakker has a huge part in that! I love her! She is so awesome. Such a hard worker and not afraid to talk to anyone. The other day we were at Wal-Mart and we passed by the desk where they'll do people's taxes and this lady was sitting there and she looked a little ticked off. So I was thinking, "if I talk to her she might get even more upset that some missionary is talking to her. She won't want what we have to offer. I'll just make it worse..." stuff like that. And she walked right up to her and was like, "You look bored. Can I show you something you can do on your computer to brighten your day?" and the lady was like sure! So we showed her some Mormon message! Sis. Bakker is so fearless. I love her. I'm so grateful l have gotten to serve with her this transfer. She's teaching me so much.
We had a zone training meeting this week too. It was really good! I love going to missionary meetings! They always get me pumped for this work and for what my purpose is!!!! Love it!
Dad thanks so much for that story about your mission! I love hearing about it. I love that our missions bordered each other! So cool! You're such a great example to me of pushing yourself and being persevering.
Well Today is deep clean day so we're not going to be doing anything too exciting. And I haven't been feeling very good the past couple days. I think I might have a sinus infection. I've had terrible sinus pressure/headache for a while. So We'll see what happens
I love you guys all so much and can't wait to hear how the zoo goes! It's supposed to be 58 here! I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING!!!!!
-Sis. Chapman

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