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Monday, March 3, 2014


Hey momma!
It sounds like another good week at the Chapman house!!! I'm so jealous you get to go to the Temple. I wish so badly it was in our mission boundaries! When you come get me I REALLY want to go to the Palmyra temple!
Our week was a great one! We have been so crazy busy with all of our investigators! It's been a lot of fun!
Jim is doing alright. We taught him the word of wisdom and he kind of freaked out a little bit... he doesn't think that because he drinks a cup of coffee every now and then he's going to hell. Which is true, it's not about the cup of coffee. The word of wisdom isn't really a principle of health as much as it is a principle of faith and obedience. Are we willing to give up that cup of coffee for the blessing of good health and wisdom? So he is supposed to be praying about that this week and we were supposed to follow up at church yesterday, but it was cancelled.... SO MAD! The roads were completely fine.... anyway.... We know that the spirit will soften his heart and he'll receive an answer.
Things are still awesome with Sis. Bakker! I love being companions with her. Mom, you are so right! Not training is so different and it makes it a WHOLE lot easier to just focus on the work. It's awesome! I loved training and I hope I get to do it again, but I really like being with Sis. Bakker right now. We are working so hard and are finding new investigators all the time! IT'S THE BEST!!!
Some funny stuff that happened this week:
Monday we went to THE BICYCLE MUSEUM OF AMERICA (that is definitely happening when you come to pick me up)! IT IS SO LEGIT!!!! So fun! I'll send pics!
Saturday morning there is a less active here who predicted Sis. Bakker's and I's futures. I'm gonna have 2 kids apparently... I laughed at her...
Saturday night we went to the Harvest Baptist church in Wapakaneta and had an awful time. We felt like we went to a Christian Rock concert.... terrible. Some of our investigators go there and invited us. After the "service" our investigators had us over for dinner and forgot to tell us they were inviting their pastor and his family over too... That was interesting... we did the best we could, but the spirit wasn't there. We've been meeting with these investigators for a while now and they still haven't read really any of the BOM and aren't praying about what we teach them, just looking for ways to prove their church is better than ours and that they don't need what we have. That experience was sad. But it solidified my testimony that we have the fullness of the gospel and that I know what I'm talking about is true. It was frustrating though....
I LOVED getting my birthday packages Saturday night! Mom the skirt and watch are perfect! thank you thank you thank you! Carol also sent me a package! I loved it too!!! She sent me a beautiful scarf that I wore today too!!! I'm sending a pic of that too! I have felt so loved today! I've been getting a ton of happy birthday emails. Thanks to everyone! It definitely made my day! I wish I had more time to email everyone back - we have no time! But it means a lot!
Sorry, this one is kind of short... But it's AWESOME here! I love being a missionary and getting to share this incredible message that we have with so many people!
thanks for all the support and encouragement! It's awesome and helps me keep going!

 LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sis. Chapman 

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