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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


WHAT AN AWESOME WEEKEND OF REVELATION!!!!! I love General Conference! I love that we have these incredible men and women who are talking to the world, giving these wonderful and divinely inspired words of council and wisdom, and yet I feel like they are talking directly and personally to me. So many prayers and questions were answered this weekend.
It was also rough for Sis. Bakker and I. We went to Jill's funeral Saturday morning. I was asked to sing and boy oh boy was that hard. I had been praying all day that the Lord would help me just get through the song, that I could make it actually sound like I was singing. Man does the Lord come through. He sustained me the whole time. I sang "Every Life That Touches Ours For Good" and was actually able to keep it together during the song. Then I sat down and totally lost it, but still, He answered my prayers, I made it through the song. It was really hard saying goodbye to Jill.  I loved her so much and she is and will forever be a huge part of my mission. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to know her, teach her, and help her come closer to Christ. It was a good service. There weren't many people there, but her missionaries were there.
We had a TON of success with the Felvers this week!!!!!! Dane went out of town Monday and to help him keep the spirit we told him that we would send them a scripture every morning for them to read and keep in their mind all day. We also sent him with some cd's that had some great talks to listen to while he drove down to Knoxville. He read every scripture and listened to every talk. HE LOVED IT! He got home around midnight Friday morning and before he went to bed he read all of the scriptures over again, the articles of faith, and D&C 89. He said he needed to wind down after the drive before he went to bed. We went over Friday and got to hear about his week. IT WAS AWESOME! He said that he was done with the things that are keeping him from living the word of wisdom. He said he couldn't expect his daughter, Heather, to get baptized and live these things if he's not willing to do the same. He said he has that desire again to do better, to be better. He opened up to us a lot and shared some really personal things and how he's changing. It was so incredible. I loved just sitting there and hearing him talk about some of his experiences and how he's drawing closer to the spirit. He's making such fantastic progress! He went to the priesthood session Saturday night and we came over and had dinner with  Robin and Heather. It was awesome! She really opened up to us as well and we got to know her so much better. They have had a rough time as a family, they've been through a lot. But they just keep going. They are making it work and are coming back. Heather is so excited to get baptized! For an 8 year old she's really mature and understands what's happening. It's so exciting for us too! I love it! I love getting to see the gospel and how it changes lives, really really changes lives. This is a different family than when Sis. Lemmon and I first met them. It's so delightful. Being a missionary is THE BEST!
Friday we had a zone training meeting that was so awesome! I really like our zone leaders. They are awesome elders and really brought the spirit to the meeting. They are so prepared and so in tune with the spirit. I gained a lot of insight for myself and our area. It gave me a lot of things to apply to myself and help me become a better missionary.
We had a good week over all. It was a crazy busy week and we accomplished a lot and participated in a great spiritual feast! I'm so excited to start hearing about your study of Preach My Gospel like Elder Ballard said! I love that book and am thrilled that we'll all be studying it together.
Love you mom!!!!
-Sis. Chapman

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