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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I hope the nerve block goes well today and that she gets to feeling better!

Anyway... I'm sad to hear about Grandma Reida. I hope that she's doing okay and that Grandma is alright. They're all in  my prayers.
This week has been so good! So the beginning of the week we were out and weren't able to really do anything. Wednesday and Thursday we had some lessons with a less-active who is coming back who's ex-husband was dead down in the basement the first time we went over. (Have I told you about that?) Her name is Jill Shepherd - she hates it when I call her Sis. Shepherd! haha! Reminds me of you mom! So Jill is the one that lives in the nasty disgusting terrible house. She is moving though!!! We can't wait for that! So we went over Wed. and had a lesson about recognizing all of the blessings that have come from her coming back to church and being obedient to the commandments - reminds me of Mosiah 2:41! Then we went over Thursday morning with the Jensons and helped her start packing up her kitchen. She gets the keys to her new apartment tomorrow! Thursday we also saw a less-active named Tammy Longsworth (She's the one that reminds me of Tammy Martin a little bit!) I love this lady! She's great. We met her son, Luke, who a few years ago would let the elders come over at 2 in the morning and play video games and got the elders sent home... But he was nice. He is in the navy, works at Starbucks, does some modeling on the side, and is going to school for Marine Biology... this kid is all over the place. But he's nice. We also saw another less-active that we had never met before -  Patricia Coffin. She is one interesting lady. But I really like her. I'll have to tell you some stories that we have heard about her later, they're kind of long... But she's fun. We're going back this week to help her dedicate her home.
Friday we had a Zone Training Meeting which was just phenomenal!!!! I loved it. And it came at a perfect time too. I have been thinking for a while now, I'm getting to comfortable with where I'm at. I'm not growing as much as I want and there are changes that I need to make. and then WHAM that's what our meeting was all about! It was pretty exciting. Have you read the first residency message for this month's ensign? DO IT! It's so good! So Friday night Sis. Lemmon and I decided to start making some changes and that we were going to be better! So as we are planning that night for our Saturday decided to try going to Wapakoneta, a town that is kind of far away from us. we decided to try to go see the Felvers (the family that lives on that farm who are AWESOME and he cooks really good food and is the hillbilly) It was really just a last minute decision. We felt pretty good about it. We were just going to stop by,  not call ahead of time.
So Saturday we leave St. Marys around 12:30 and get to the Felver's at about 1. we knock on the door and Robin (sis. Felver) let's us in and is kind of laughing and so is Dane (bro. Felver). We don't really know what's going on but we come in and they sit us down and we start talking. Apparently Dane woke up that morning saying, "I better get to work in the kitchen, I know those sisters are going to be on their way." HE KNEW WE WERE COMING!!! It was the coolest thing! We didn't call ahead or make an appointment in advance, but he knew that we would be there. It was awesome! But we got there a little earlier than what he was expecting so he fed us some food and then said come back over for dinner and I'll feed  you the good stuff. We were perfectly fine with that... So we headed to another member's house that we hadn't met yet and got to meet her! Deb Rupert is too sweet! Her husband answered the door and let us in. She comes around the corner asking, "Now what can I do for you ladies?" and then she saw our name tags and grabbed both of us and brought us in for a huge bear hug! She had heard about the new sisters and was wondering when they were going to come by and meet her. She was too sweet! It was a lot of fun getting to know her. She's sweet. Then we had about 10 minutes before we were supposed to be over at the Felvers for dinner. So we decided to just knock on one door. So I had Sis. Lemmon pick out a house and she saw one with some lights on so we pulled over, prayed, and then went up and knocked on the door. This young-looking guy answered the door and asked us what he could do for us and we told him who we were and he said, "come on in!" well we couldn't because his wife wasn't home yet, but he kept talking to us on his doorstep. We asked him if he knew anything about the church and he said he was a huge Glenn Beck fan, he's his hero! So I asked him if ever wondered what Glenn Beck believed in and he said yah, so I asked him if there was a time we could come back when his wife was home and share our message with him and he said, "I'm down!" IT WAS AWESOME!!! and then his wife pulled up and we got to talk to her for a little bit. SUCH A CUTE COUPLE! Lucas and Lynne. Lynne wasn't as excited as he was. They both teach a couple bible study classes at their church and are pretty deeply rooted, she wanted to make sure we understood that. But she said we could come back and talk to  him. It was a miracle! It really was - I think that's the first person that I have tracted into that has said we could  come back and teach them. IT WAS GREAT! then the even bigger miracle happened as we went back to the Felver's for dinner. So we eat dinner - pulled pork with home made bbq sauce and home made mac and chees and roasted chicken and oh my goodness so much food!!! And then after we're done eating Robin starts clearing the table and Dane starts opening up to us about the church and why he's stayed away and just lays everything out. He has such a strong testimony! He knows it's true. But he struggles with the Word of Wisdom and doesn't want to really let go of his addictions. He said that once he puts his mind to something though that's it, he's made up his mind. And that that was what was holding him back. I asked him if he was scared to make those changes. And he looked me dead in the eyes and said no one has ever asked  me that, yes, it terrifies me. And then Sis. Lemmon and I went on to bear testimony and talk about these things with him and it was just one of those moments where we didn't know what we were going to say, but we opened our mouths and they were filled by the Lord. I love it when I know I'm being an instrument in His hands! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! We told he knows he needs to be at church tomorrow. I told him that he has to stop living in the shadow of the man that he could be (thank you Pres. Uchtdorf - "You Can Do It Now") That made him stop and think. He walked away for a second and we asked Robin if we were being too bold and she said no, if you were elders you would be. haha! funny! But he kept telling us we were making him sweat and that he was "this close" to coming back. He was wrestling with the spirit the whole time. haha! So we left feeling great and we had faith that in the morning they would all be at church.
So Sunday we prayed all morning. We had branch council before church and when they found out the Dane was coming everyone got so excited! IT WAS SO COOL!!!! After the meeting we go sit down and say hi to everyone from the branch and then with 1 minute to spear in walks in Dane Felver. IT WAS AN EVEN BIGGER MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!! That made my whole week. I was so happy to see him there. He was going to go home after sacrament and then we invited him to come to gospel principles with us and it didn't take much to get him to come. and then he was going to go home after that and then someone invited him to go to priesthood. He stayed for all 3 hours. I knew the Lord had heard all of the prayers offered for him and his family. ah! I loved it!
So that was my week! It was awesome.
Sis. Lemmon is doing better. She still gets into these moods where she thinks she needs to go home and then I slap her (not really) and tell her that if she goes home she won't have experiences like we did with Dane Felver. She has to stay. and then she says "you're right" and stays. She just has to do some growing up and getting adjusted and then she'll be fine! She's a great missionary. I love her.
Sis. Jenson's mom passed away about 2 hours before they got there. But they were able to see their family and be there for the funeral. They said it was depressing having to go back home, they wanted to be back here in Ohio the whole time. that made me feel good. I missed them A TON! But they are doing great and are happy to be back!
I have written the Rohrers almost every week since I left Massillon and still haven't heard from them. Hopefully they're doing alright.

I did get an email from Rex. He sounds amazing. I am so happy for him. It makes me think of when I was in the MTC. That was a great time! Loved it. Do you know how long he is supposed to be there for?
Tomorrow we have our interviews with Pres. Vellinga! I'm so excited! I love any chance I get to be with him. He's so awesome! I can't wait for you guys to meet him. Love that man!
Well that's pretty much it for me. Not much else to report.
I love you guys so much! Hope you guys have a good day and that everything works out with Sarah.
sister chapman

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