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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Well that is exciting news! I'm so happy that Sarah had a chance to have fun for Easter break! It's great to hear that Rex is making appointments!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! So proud of that kid!
 This week was incredible! It started out kind of crappy. We had to take Sis. Yates to the mission home and send her back to Utah. That was really tough. I got really close with her and it wasn't easy to say goodbye. President surprised us though! Sis. Bell who trained Sis. Yates came by the mission home to say goodbye too! AND Sis. Bell's companion is my MTC companion Sis. Dahle! It was so wonderful to see her again, especially with having to say goodbye to Sis. Yates! It was a tender mercy.
Tuesday we did some stop-by's to some potential investigators. those went well! We met Bertha. She had been meeting with previous sisters before my trainer was here. She likes to learn about Jesus and is excited to learn more about our faith.
Wednesday we did some service with a recent convert and her sister. She lives in an assisted living center and we put together some book shelves for her room.
Thursday we had a lesson with Gary and Debbie Haubert. Gary is a less-active and Debbie is investigating. It was good! Debbie is a believer that if it's not in the Bible, it's not true. So we've been having a difficult time with her getting her to read the Book of Mormon. She is waiting on an answer from God to tell her if it's what she should do.
Friday we had our last appointment with the Rohrers as investigators!
They were baptized on Saturday!!! It was incredible! They are so amazing. The service went beautifully! My trainer and I and a young sister from the ward sang a beautiful song and they enjoyed that. THey looked amazing in white!
Later on after the service we went over to the Morrison's home. They are such a fun
 family! They fed me the first meal I ever had on my mission. Margie reminds me a lot of Maggie Chapman - super crafty! (She wants you to add her as a friend on my Facebook page... Margie Morrison in Canal Fulton, OH.)
Sunday was Easter. It was a great Sacrament meeting, the talks were great! 3 hour we talked a lot about the ward mission plan and how we can help the members with their missionary efforts. we had them all write down 4 names of people in their area or people that they work with. we had them write down 1 person who has recently moved, 1 person who has recently lost a loved one, 1 person who recently had a baby, and 1 person who is struggling with raising a teenager. We invited them to pray over these 4 names this week and then pick 1 and invite them to meet with us. The members are our best asset when it comes to getting new investigators. It's the way that works the best and we are really struggling with this ward. But we are going to begin a 40-day fast where 1 family takes a night and they fast for missionary opportunites and the ward does it for 40 days. I think it's going to be really effective!
The Rohrers were also confirmed on Sunday and were given the gift of the Holy Ghost. That was so incredible. The spirit was so strong! Sam, the daughter, was blessed to have a desire to one day serve a mission!! I got really excited baout that. And Brandon says that he is planning on serving a mission! THey are so awesome! THEN, last night we get a call from Rick, and he said that his step son wants to be baptized, just like that! we were screaming we were so excited! And they have already been bringing Tina to their lessons. She is 15 and is Rick's neice. She is super sweet and adorable and wants to know what her family is doing and is really interested! They were born to be missionaries!
We did have a dinner appointment set up, but then the member got sick and cancelled, so we had cereal at the apartment. But it was actually good, Sis. O'Driscoll started feeling terrible and is really sick. It turned out to be a good night!
Mom you're so funny! Missionary life is hard. It's exhausting. But it's so worth it! Sometimes it's really frustrating being with the same people 24/7, but we make it work. In my district there are the 3 of us sisters and there are 6 elders and a senior couple. The elders are great! Lots of fun. The senior couple is nice. I don't think they trust us young people... But they're nice. We are actually meeting 4 of the elders for lunch after we email. and to answer your other question - money is alright. It's a little tight, they give us $150 a month. For the most part it really is great! There is a couple in the ward, Ralph and Pam Hilldebrand, who take the sisters shopping for groceries every month so that we don't have to spend our money. They are the sweetest people. So that helps out a lot.
Things here are great! The work is progressing and I am loving it!
Miss you guys! Tell everyone hi for me!
Love you!!!!!!!
-Sis Chapman

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