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Monday, March 25, 2013


I have my new address!!!
2040 Tennyson Ave NE #7
Massillon, OH 44646
The new apartment is nice! Two bedrooms, big living room, small kitchen and 1 bathroom. But it's still a lot better than our 1 bedroom apartment! So there is my trainer, Sis. Carlson, me, Sister O'Driscoll (who was in my district in the MTC), and her trainer, Sis. Yates. My trainer is so cute! She's this short, adorable blonde from Boise, ID. She is ALL about musical and theater. She is a lot of fun, awesome missionary. Sis. Yates was in the mission for about 10 months and then got really sick and had been home for 2 months and then came back the same time I got to the area. She has been sick again. She has asthma and has been having a really hard time breathing. She started getting sick like the second day we were here and hasn't been out teaching since. So it's been really hard on Sis. O'Driscoll, because she has been stuck in the apartment all day too not doing anything. So President called the other night and said that Sis. O'Driscoll and I should switch of with Sis. Carlson so that she could get some teaching experience. Which was fine with me! So the other day I stayed home and it was incredible! Sis. Yates is such a fantastic missionary. She taught me SO MUCH! and it wasn't like they were big, life changing things. I just asked her questions and she gave me tips and suggestions about things that worked well for her. She also taught me the Plan of Salvation like I have never heard it taught before! It was a revilatory experience. It was cool, she challenged me to read the Book of Mormon and circle all of Christ's names and then underline all of His attributes, that I might come closer to Him and truly know Him. So far it has been an amazing experience. I invite you all to do it, it's awesome!!!
So the Rohrer family is so great!!! They have all been sober from their various addictions and have also started paying tithing. Whatever we throw at them they eat it up! They always understand it and never have any problem doing it. They are such an amazing family! On the 24th we are taking them to Kirtland!!!!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!! It's going to be so amazing!!!
We have a few other investigators and less actives that we are teaching. None though are progressing like the Rohrers! It's really exciting.
Oh my goodness, the craziest thing happened last week! Last monday after I finished emailing you, we went and played Volleyball with the Elders in our district. it was a lot of fun, but I must have done something to my back because I could barely walk for the next few days. everywhere I sat I was in pain, I couldn't stand up straight, I couldn't get up off the floor. The only time I felt okay was when I was laying down, flat on my back. It was so terrible. Seriously thought I would have to stay home all day. Wednesday night we had coordination meeting with the ward auxillary leaders and afterward I asked for a blessing. It was really sweet, our ward mission leader, Bro. Roberts, is so fantastic. The next morning I woke up and felt amazing! The Lord had truly blessed me. It's still a little tense, but 100 times better than it was at the begining of the week!
Well I miss you guys and hope that everything is great back at home! I love you guys!!!

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