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Monday, March 25, 2013


Sounds like you guys are busy! FUN! Yah the package got sent back. I went into the office the other day and I asked them if they maybe had a package for me. She saw my name and then felt so bad. Because we are under a corporate lease, they don't have all of our names down. So when it didn't have the apartment number and she couldn't find my name in their system she sent it back. I was so mad!!! But I tried not to make her feel bad. She called the post office and they said it was sent back a few days ago... So hopefully I get it back soon. and yes, I would like that quilt, but I don't need anything else. It is freezing here! we just got a TON of snow last night and it is so cold!
So Sis. Yates, the other trainer who has been sick, is going home today. we are heading up to Cleveland to the mission home this afternoon to drop her off. which means the rest of us will be in a triple up for a while. I'm a little worried about it. My trainer is AWESOME! but It was nice having 2 around that I could go to both with my questions and concerns. and everybody does things differently, so it's just going to be another adjustment... But I think it will be fun.
We took the Rohrer famiy up to Kirtland yesterday with a sister from the ward who is 20 and preparing for her mission! It was fantastic! They are so incredible. They loved it. The spirit was so strong and they can not wait for their baptism this Saturday! I can't wait for their baptism! They are also so excited to go to the temple in a year and do the work for their mom! Sam, the daughter, is so excited to get to be the proxy for her! I'm so excited for this family and the bright future that the gospel has blessed them with!
So Sis. Carlson and I had a neat experience this week. We are teaching a less active, Gary, and his wife, Debbie, who isn't a member. Gary was in a serious motorcycle accident a few months ago and broke almost every bone in his body. (mind you, he is in his 60's) so he is always in a lot of pain and because of that he's not able to stay at church all 3 hours and neither is Debbie. Debbie hasn't been progressing and so we were thinking about what is another approach we can take to help her to keep commitments. We thought about church attendance, but she hasn't been able to really go. So we were praying about it and I got an impression that we need to fast. So saturday afternoon and night we fasted and Sunday morning, that Gary and Debbie would stay all 3 hours and that it would be a revelatory experience. THEY STAYED ALL 3 HOURS!!! and after church Gary asked the Bishop for a blessing and it was crazy how strong the spirit was. and then the bishop started talking to him about getting to the temple and Gary said that he really wanted to! I hope that it had an impact on his wife. Just goes to show the power of fasting and prayer! It was great!
Thursday, all of the people being trained and their trainers went to a training meeting in Kirtland. It was awesome to get to see my old companion and all of the people I came out of the MTC with! It was also awesome becuase we got to take a tour of the historic sites. It's so neat to be in that place! THey show a short film about the 8 years that the saints were here for and at the very beginning they have a list of names of all the saints that lived here, sacrificed here, and served here and President said that we are adding our names to that list. In D&C 38:32 it says "Ye should go to the Ohio;... and there you shall be endowed with power from on high." It's just so neat that I have been given those same instructions from the Lord that Joseph Smith did. and I know that the Lord has truly blessed me with an added measure of power, because there is now way I can do any of this on my own, no way.
I have also heard that Joseph Smith himself has a hand in picking the missionaries that will serve in this area. It's so awesome to learn about this place and to be here and learn about our history and how it effects us now. 64 of the sections in the D&C were received here. It's just awesome! I hope that we all get the chance to visit here and see it!
The weeks are starting to go by faster and faster - Finally! I passed my 1 month mark last week and I feel like I have been gone for at least 3 months! But things are speeding up, which is nice.
I'm still loving it out here and I'm enjoying it all! I hope all is well back home!
Love you guys! Miss you all!!!


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