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Monday, March 25, 2013


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Hey family!!!! So I get 30 minutes to email you and I want to make the most of this time!
the MTC has been good! The food is great, all the people are wonderful. I love my Companion, Sis. Dahle! She is so wonderful! We are so alike and perfect for eachother! I am learning a lot, things are going so fast! I am so tired all the time! I love my District, most of us are going to Cleveland but there are 4 elders who are going to Denver North. It has been a lot of fun getting to know all of them and becoming closer.
Its interesting because the first few days here, I was feeling the spirit and was having a great time, but I kept doubting whether I was really supposed to be here or not, it was a weird feeling and I can't quite explain it. But yesterday my comp and I taught our first "investigator" and things totally changed. Having an experience of teaching someone how their Heavenly Father loves them and is someone who wants them to be happy made me realize how I have the opportunity to change peoples' lives, and that that's what the gospel does! It was incredible and I can't wai to teach her again later on today!
It's been really interesting seeing how almost everything I have learned in my social work classes at school has come in handy in teaching the gospel! It's so wonderful to see how the Lord is directing our lives and leading us to where we need to be!
How has Hawaii been?!?!?! I hope you guys are having a great time and are enjoying the warm weather! It's snowing here right now and I am so jealous! Tell Sarah and Rex and Grandma Hi for me!!!!!
I miss you guys so much! Can't wait to hear from you!
Love you!
Sis. Chapman
P.S. I will be leaving here early March 5th and will get a chance to call from the Airport. I have a layover in Minneapolis at 10:30 (I don't know what time zone that is) for an hour so we will probably be able to call then. I don't know how you guys want to coordinate that but I really want to be able to talk to you both! So let me know!
love you guys so much!!!!!!

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