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Monday, March 25, 2013


A lot has happened since I last emailed! Sis Dahle and I have been having AWESOME success with our investigator Dyana! She had denied our invitation to pray twice, so we were trying to think of another way we could get her to feel the love of her Heavenly Father. So we invited her to read the Book of Mormon! AND SHE DID!!!! It was so amazing! We love her so much! We are meeting with her again tomorrow night and are going to invite her to baptism! We can't wait!
Saturday night was a rough night for pretty much our whole district. We all were having a hard time understanding how to teach by soley relying on the spirit. It was a new experience and a lot of us were getting frustrated. My companion and I had a breakdown and just had to take a break for a while. But then once that happened everything changed! It was a really neat experience.
Sunday night we had a devotional with the guy who is in charge of the missionary department. He was really funny and what he talked about was really comforting. For a few days I had been feeling like I wasn't supposed to be here and that I wouldn't be able to do this. But he talked about how the adversary is working on at all times to try and make us not want to be apart of this work. It was definitely what I needed to hear!
Then Tuesday night we had a devotional with Elder Ballard! It was really cool to hear from one of the apostles! He talked about how even though we feel inadequite, that we all know what the gospel is! Most of us have been raised on it and that we shouldn't doubt the knowledge that we already have. It was really neat. He also talked about how the best missionaries are the ones who know who the Savior is and have a close relationship with Him.
I've been getting mail from Maggie almost everyday! It's been so awesome! She's been sending talks on missionary work or lists of things I should have, it's been so sweet having her letters! The Jorgensen's have also been writing me, they are so sweet! I got a letter from Sis. Reichelt the other day too! I feel so supported by so many people back home!
Well how is everyone doing?!?!?!?! How are Cory and Steph and the kids??? How is Rex???? How was Hawaii???? How are Sarah and Grandma??? You guys have to keep me updated!!!! I really want to hear from you guys!

Well I guess there's not much else to say...
Have a good weekend! love you guys!
Sis. Chapman

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