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Monday, July 7, 2014


This has been one great week! So much has been going on and we are so crazy busy! I love it!

We made a ton of cookies to take to members and investigators for mother's day. People are always more likely to answer the door or respond to your phone calls if you have treats! (missionary tip #1)
So we had a lot of luck handing those out! It was good, we got a lot of lessons with that this week.
We have a less active that we teach Bro. Parrino, who is a little on the autistic side. He is really smart though. But he was telling us that we're protected as sister missionaries so that bad people don't hurt us and how we have a shield over us so that people can't "reallly see" us is how he put it... It got realllll awkward.... realllllll fast. haha! I love Ohio. 
We also have some awesome investigators! Sienna and Hailey are 16 and 14 and are the grandaughters of a member. Sienna is pretty solid, comes every week and is really active. She's just waiting on her mom's permission to get baptized which probably won't happen, so she's going to have to wait till she's 18.... But she's great! We have another investigator Angelica, who is so great! She has come to church 2 times and is coming to Young Women's on Wed and we haven't even taught her an actual lesson yet! SHE'S SO SOLID! and Sienna is awesome fellowship for her! It's really cool! 
On Thursday Ralph and Pam Hildebrand from Massillon came up and took Sis. Hawkins and I out to lunch! It was so so so fun to see them again! I have missed them a lot! It was weird to see someone from Massillon again! I am excited to go back. From what I hear things there are kind of falling apart. So that wasn't the best news, but they are doing good. 
Mothers day was so so so wonderful!!!! IT was so great to get to see everyone and talk to you guys! And getting to hear Rex's voice was the best. I am just so proud of that kid. He is such a stud! I love him so much! I loved hearing Hay and Mike too!!!!! That was so crazy for me! I can't believe how big they are. INSANE! I'm excited to get to spend time with them so they actually know who I am. AH!!!!! So fun! 
We skyped at the Jamba's. They are this sweet sweet sweet older couple who moved out here in August and are so lonely. They moved to be closer to their son and he doesn't really want them here. They don't have a car and they can't really get around on their own so they just stay in their apartment all day. So we thought skyping at their house would be good for them. They seemed to enjoy it. 
Well nothing else has really been going on. We've got a crazy busy day so it should be fun. I hope you guys all have a good week. I miss you all so much! But it was so good to see you all. now I can't wait to get to hug you all! 
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sis. Chapman

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