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Monday, July 7, 2014


It sounds like a fun week back in O Town! I love hearing about what's going on there.
It has been a CRAZY week here as well. Holy Cow! It is non stop! There has been a little drama, but what else would you expect when there are 6 sisters living in an apartment together. One sister has an infection on her foot and isn't taking very hygenical steps to reduse the likelihood of spreading it to the rest of us so we had to have a little "come to Jesus meeting" over that. Things haven't really improved much... So we'll have to readdress things here in a bit. But it shouldn't be too bad.
Yesterday was SO CHAOTIC! Oh man! So the Cleveland Marathon was yesterday and they closed down Lake Rd. The road we live on is Lake Rd. So we had no way of getting out of our apartment building in the morning for church. And we aren't the only missionaries living in this apartment complex. How many missionaries live here you ask? 19. THERE ARE 19 MISSIONARIES HERE THAT HAD NO WAY OF GETTING TO CHURCH SUNDAY MORNING! hahahahahahaha! It was hilariously crazy. So funny! We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find rides for people to come pick us up down the street a few blocks. We got it all figured out, thank goodness. But there were a few sisters that are in the other ward that weren't able to make it to their Sacrament meeting and one of them was supposed to talk... She got out of that this week! It was so funny. I wish you all could have been there to see it. And it is Sis. Martin and Sis. Olsen, the senior sisters who work in the office, it was their last Sunday here in the mission. Boy what a way to go out. haha!  Saturday we did about 5 hours of service. We helped one of the other sisters investigators dad move out of their house. They're getting a divorce... So we packed him up, loaded up a Uhaul, followed them to downtown Cleveland, and moved him into an apartment on the 5th floor. It was quite the event. Lots of furniture and boxes. But it was fun. We got to see Cleveland, which as a Sister probably won't ever happen again. They don't send sisters downtown ever. But it feels like I'm just right back in downtown St. Louis. It's so funny. I think next week we're planning on hopping on a bus and heading downtown to do some site seeing on preparation day. I'm excited for that, should be lots of fun. We also helped a lady with her basement, it got flooded because of all the rain. So we were bleaching everything. It was an extremely long day but a lot of fun! I also kind of was attacked by a dog yesterday! We were stopping by a referral from the Akron elders and we couldn't even get up to the door. there was a big dog on a leash that wouldn't let us get past him. He was nice but wouldnt stop jumping on me. He was biting me but like play biting me so it didn't hurt very much, but I had scratches all over my arms from him jumping up. It was hilarious. Sis. Hawkins and I were both laughing so hard at the situation. We had to just get back in the car and leave. We'll have to try and stop by again another time. "mission aborted". haha! It was a good memory that's for sure.
We have an investigator, Angie, who is making A TON of progress! We haven't even started the lessons yet and she already wants to be baptized and said she was thinking about a mission! She loves young women's and church and is just soaking everythign up! She's been reading the Book of Mormon every day and loves it! We have another appointment with her tomorrow so I'm excited to see where she's at. We have another investigator, Sienna, who is 16 but can't get baptized till she's 18. But she goes to seminary, comes to church and mutual every week, she's basically already a member, just needs to get dunked. But she gave a talk in church yesterday about seminary and it was so awesome! She's so solid! I'm excited to see what happens. Her mom was at church so hopefully she'll give Sienna permission to get baptized sooner. We'll see...
Things are great. Life is great. The weather is great. the mission is great. Companion's great. I hear St. Marys is great. (65 people to church and Bro. Felver set a date to baptize his daughter on MAY 31ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Everything is just great!
Something that we've been studying this last week in preparation for Elder Holland ON WEDNESDAY! is miracles. I was reading in the Bible dictionary about them this morning and I thought it was interesting how it said that Miracles are the natural result of the Messiah’s presence among men. How cool! Miracles still happen because His presence is still here. I know that! I have seen it so much while I've been here. I know that the Savior lives and His hand is so involve in our lives constantly. I know He leads and guides this church and that we are here to do His work and to be His servants until the work is finished. Let's all go to work!
I love you all and hope you guys have a great week and a good Family Home Evening tonight!!!!!
-Sis. Chapman

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