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Monday, July 7, 2014


So this week was CRAZY! But lots of good stuff going on!

Monday last week was SO AWESOME!!!! When you guys come out I'm going to take you downtown and show you the courthouse and what the seniors are doing down there and then show you CLEVELAND!!! You're going to love it!
Okay so we have 2 new investigators! Rachael, she's the one who referred herself that wanted to learn more about the church because she's got a friend on a mission. and her friend Katie came too, she knows someone on a mission too! they're both 20 and super cute! So we went to Rachael's house and met them and then they both started firing all of these questions at us like "what do you do in your spare time? (haha! Like we have spare time) what is your favorite part about being a missionary? what do you believe?" so we got to answer a ton of questions about missionary life and then we taught them about the restoration. It was so awesome! They thought it was super interesting. They're both catholic and thought that the Prophet was really cool, they said it seemed more personal than the pope. They also really liked forever families. They loved that members of the church are truly dedicated to it, that it's our lifestyle not a religion. They wished more Catholics would do that. They overall really liked meeting with us and want to meet again. they want to come to church, they even want to hang out with us on one of our preparation days! they think we're cool or something. Those poor girls....
We had a very interesting experience the other night. We went down to the pier to do some contacting and we met this really awesome lady! Get this!!!!!!: Her husband was an egyptologist (he's passed away) and is the man that taught Hugh Nibly how to read hyrogliphics and he authenticated the papyrus scrolls that are now the Pearl of Great Price!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!!? So awesome! But then it got realllllll bad. Her sister and her sister's friend came up and starting talking to us. Her friend, Tom, is an awful man. He starting bashing us for believing that we can become like our Heavenly Father and then told us that he was praying for our souls, that we would come to know Jesus sometime in our lives. That's the short version of what happened... We handled it really well. Except for when he told us we're not Christians, i mumbled under my breath, "well that's offensive" but he didn't hear me. haha! He was an interesting individual. He mentioned this man who is meeting with missionaries and told us that he is helping that man become Christian again.... So after that awful encounter we went home and told the other sisters who serve in the other ward and the man that Tom named is the man that they are meeting with! He is an active member, just in a nursing home. Apparently Tom is banned from seeing this man, that he is a threat to his safety! Tom has been trying to convince this sweet man that the church isn't true and that he should get up in a testimony meeting and publicly declare the church is false. It was really eerie finding all of this out. It was crazy because the sisters thought that this man in the nursing home was just having a dementia moment, but it's all true! So scary! They are going to talk to some people and see what they can do to help their member. Ah! As awful as that experience was Tom was someone we needed to meet it turns out.
So we lost connection with our awesome investigator Shawn... It was really sad. his phone got shut off and we didn't know where he lives. but the member that we brought with us to teach him said that Shawn told him he lived on 219th. So decided that we were going to find him on Saturday! So we drove down to 219th and realized we had no hope of finding him. 219th is HUGE! there was no way were going to be able to tract it in one day. So we thought about it and realized we knew 2 things about Shawn: he's italian and lives with his grandmother. So we started looking for houses that looked like an Italian or an old lady lived there. no luck.... So we prayed. We decided to go to the library and ask for a phone book. we looked up all of the Triscari's we could find in the area. None of them were even close... We were so stuck! We decided to go back to where he was living about 3 weeks ago when we first met him to see if the friends he was living with knew where he moved to or knew his grandma's name so we could look her up. So we go over to the house and knock on the door. For a while no one came, but then a miracle happened. SHAWN OPENED THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked and surprised and didn't know what was happening that I just blurted out, "Shawn! WE FOUND YOU!" It was a little embarrassing.... But we had all just witnessed a miracle! It was HUGE! So we were able to set up a time to come back and see him Tuesday! I am so excited! He's so golden.
We had a great week. Lots of good things are happening.
I love you and miss you all so much!
See you soon
Sis. Chapman

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