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Monday, July 7, 2014


It has been another busy week here in Ohio! But a really beautiful one!

Wednesday it was Sis. Jamba's birthday so we went over and took her a card. My companion, Sis. Hawkins, got a balloon animal set thing in a package a while ago so she made Sis. Jamba a balloon hat. It looked ridiculous, we both agreed, but we didn't have much else to give her. So we went with it. She LOVED it and was so happy we came over. We took a pic, so don't worry, you'll all get to see it too! haha!

Thursday we were crazy busy with lessons. Between Thursday and Saturday we taught 14 lessons! It was awesome! For this area that was fantastic! We were pretty happy.
Our investigators for the most part are all doing well. Marga, the one who's German, is good. She's so adorable. She said that when ever she has a question about something she just opens the Book of Mormon and finds an answer. It was really cool! Jack Stewart is doing well. He's in this softball league that's for people 60 and older (he's 74) and his team is called "the huff n puffers"! hahahaha! So cute. He also participates in a Scottish Dance Camp every summer down in North Carolina. This guy is a hoot. haha! He used to be a investment person that did a lot of research and helped people make good choices of what to invest in before he retired. He's cool. Mirta and her daughter Angie are avoiding us and are cancelling appointments. We're not quite sure what's going on there. Hopfeully we can see them soon. We're going to try and stop by tonight to see what's going on. We're so confused. Angie was talking about wanting to get baptized and everything! We think the mom is putting a hold on things. We're not sure why though.... Hopefully we'll figure it all out tonight!
Something strange was going on last week. For some reason a lot of the old people we see decided to flash us a lot... It was so awful!!!!! I don't know what it was... I felt like at least once a day someone wanted to show us a tan line or they forgot to pull their pants up after going to the bathroom or they didn't realize their shirt was unbuttoned. IT WAS TERRIBLE!!!!! So awkward as a normal person not to mention a missionary... Hopefully this week people will be able to stay fully clothed.
Sorry this one is so short. There's not a ton of exciting stuff to report. Things are great, doing really good! Just really busy. 
Today we are going downtown to the west side market! There is a family here that used to live in St. Louis and they told us that it's a lot like Sulard but not as 3rd world. haha! That cracked me up! So true! So it should be a lot of fun. They have this incredible crepe place and a great middle eastern place. they have tons of produce and fresh meats and homemade pastas. So I'm really excited! IT should be a ton of fun! I'll make sure to take lots of pics for you!
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this last week! We've been going down to the pier to do some contacting at sunset - BEAUTIFUL!!!! Perfect temperature. Until today. it's 80 and SUPER DUPER humid right on the lake. yay for humidity! It's my favorite....
Being a missionary is the best. I'm so grateful that I did this. I think about what I would be doing back home or at school if I wouldn't have come. I would probably be graduated by now, I would be having so much fun with Emma, I would be living up the summer in STL, I would be dancing at Wild Country with Lindsay, my life would be so fantastic! But I will never regret coming on a mission. My life may have been fantastic, but my life will be infinitely more fantastic now. The things I have learned here and the experiences I've had are priceless and I wouldn't trad them for anything, nothing. Learning what it means to be a disciple of Christ has forever changed me. My life will now be so different, so so so different. I recommend that EVERYONE serves a mission! haha! It's the most fun thing I think I've ever done. I remember when I was about to leave I had a small panic attack and asked Trevor, "Just tell me it's going to be fun! Tell me I'm going to enjoy it!" He reassured me that it would be a great experience. Then I got out here and was like, "He totally lied to me!" haha! Everyone said it would go by fast and that time would speed and I called them all liars! haha! But none of them were lying. After I got adjusted this became SO FUN! and the time started going by too quickly. I had a dream the other night about when I get released and have to take my nametag off. SOBBING ENSUED!!!! I can't even think about that happening right now. Which I'm so grateful for because I don't have to for a long time! Every moment counts and I have a lot of moments left. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!
Love you guys! have a great week!
-Sis. Chapman

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