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Monday, July 7, 2014


Sorry!!! I forgot to tell you this week was a transfer week and that we wouldn't be emailing until today.

Wow it has been an interesting week. We were dropped by 3 investigators this week... bummer... But we have been meeting a lot of really cool people. We've been seeing a lot of miracles. It's been really exciting and totally a testimony building experience. It's been so interesting to see how the Lord works! We're walking around trying to find this investigator and then we run into other people instead who are interested. HAPPENED TWICE this week! So fun! I love being able to see how you are led by the spirit to do things or say things or go places. It's awesome. We were having a lesson with a less active, Bro. Parrino, this week. We had planned to teach the first half of the plan of salvation and the spirit totally took over. We ended up talking about the Word of Wisdom instead and committed him to stop smoking and drinking coffee. It was awesome! I love feeling like I'm an instrument in His hands. It's the best!
It's also been kind of a hard week for me personally. Things here are winding down and I've got so many people writing me about how they'll see me soon and it's all just starting to catch up with me. Sister Gardner lives with me and she is going home the same time that I am and we've been able to talk about what we're feeling which has been really helpful because she's going through some of the same things I am. It's hard not too feel like going home is a step down from where I am right now. I am not the same person I was when I left home and I don't really intend on going back either. Which is terrifying... I don't really know why but it is. Elder Holland said something really interesting to me when he came. He talked about how missionaries say that they're going back to "real life" when they leave the mission. (I've totally said that) and he said that that is backward. that THIS is real life, "the way the truth and the life" is the gospel, is missionary work. I'm leaving real life. Sis. Gardner siad something that hadn't quite hit me yet, "In 6 weeks we won't be missionaries anymore". PEOPLE CAN'T SAY THINGS LIKE THAT TO ME RIGHT NOW!!!! That was a really hard realization... One I'm not quite ready to accept yet. So I'm not going to. This transfer isn't my last. I'm never really released from being a missionary right?
In better news: I got a letter from Sis. Bakker in St. Marys that truly brought me to my knees in gratitude. Dane Felver baptized his daughter Heather on the 31st. She sent me the baptismal program and a picture of them all together. The Lord has been so good to that family and that branch. They had 75 people at church last week. That is DOUBLE what it was when I got there. DOUBLE!!!! I don't think I can ever love something like I love St. Marys. The Lord definitely knew what He was doing when He sent me there. Changed my life forever. I'm so excited for you guys to get to see it. Hopefully you'll be able to feel the spirit there. 
Also so many prayers have been answered this week when I heard that Sarah and Grandma were both doing better. HALLELUJAH!!!! Seriously though. So grateful that the Lord is aware of us. I hope that they continue to get better. How is Rex doing? He said that he was in the hospital again. Has the mission president or his wife called you guys? Is he getting better?
I hope that things go well for everyone this week!!! I love and miss you all so so so so much!!!!!

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